Friday, March 29, 2013

Finally photographed

I started this quilt for my friend Megan about 7 months ago.  It was meant to be a birthday present (her birthday was in November).  Megan and I have very different styles and so I agonized for months over what quilt to make for her.  If you came over to my house you would see bright wall colors and a mix of modern and more vintage items.  Megan's house on the other hand is more simple with Amish furniture and beige everything.  I love her dearly and wanted to make something that she would want to use.

When I saw the granny square quilt tutorial from Blue Elephant Stitches, I knew that this would make a great quilt for Megs.  I used Denyse Schmidt fabrics - such a great combination of vintage charm with modern aesthetics.

I cut the DS fabrics into 2.5" squares.  I made a stack of warm squares and cool squares.  Half of the blocks I rotated cool alternating with warm; the other half were the other way.  I think it helped me maintain a sense of balance with the quilt.  Each granny square finished around 11".

I decided to keep it simple for the quilting and used straight line even quilting.  I intended to quilt in a complete grid but I really really hate straight line quilting and I couldn't keep it up for the entire quilt.  I think that this quilt was a good compromise for me and Megan absolutely loved the quilt when I finally gave it to her last week.  Only a few months late.

This finishes as a nice lap-sized quilt - 66x70"  It's backed in an Anna Maria Horner print called hugs and kisses.  I think it's perfect.

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  1. This looks so good. I understand the difficulty in making something for someone when you have differing aesthetics. You did a beautiful job!